French Press

Full immersion brewing is a method in which the coffee grounds are in contact with the water for an extended period of time. The most popular brewing device for this is the legendary French Press! They are cheap, highly available, and require little to no technique, but when used with care, can produce a comforting, rich, full bodied flavor.

A French Press is also a great way to brew your favorite tea or to make your own cold brew coffee!

French Press
Burr Grinder
Filtered Water
Fresh, whole bean coffee
Your favorite mug!!

Equipment Recommendations.
Coffee nerds all love their tech and toys!

The list below is for a quality home set up that is both expandable and versatile.

Burr Grinder - Baratza Virtuoso
Kettle - Bonavita 1.0L
Scale - Jennings CJ-4000

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