The man who created this brewing device also invented the AeroPress and the Aerobie Flying Disc! And he certainly had no idea the cult status this little guy would attain. There is a world AeroPress championship!  It is versatile, portable and as I like to say, the cleaner cousin of the AeroPress. With AeroPress’ paper filter (sustainable metal versions also available), you get a cleaner cup while retaining the full bodied richness of a full immersion brew method.  It’s one downside? Only brews about 8OZ at a time. The upside? It takes like 2 minutes!

What you need:
Filter Burr Grinder
Filtered Water
Fresh, whole bean coffee
Your favorite mug!

Equipment Recommendations.
Coffee nerds all love their tech and toys!
The list below is for a quality home set up that is both expandable and versatile.

Grinder - Baratza Virtuoso
Kettle - Bonavita 1.0L
Scale - Jennings CJ-4000

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