Named after the angle of the brew cone, the Hario V60 is one of the most popular pour over systems in the world.  It’s drip extraction mechanics allow for a large variety of coffees to be brewed to their maximum potential, leaving space for both sweetness and fruity acidity to shine.  Available in glass or ceramic, we recommend the glass model, size #2. After years of commercial use, I have found the glass model holds up very well to extensive use and is generally easier to keep looking new and clean.  
Hario V60 Brewer, #2
V60 Filters #2
Burr Grinder
Filtered Water
Fresh, whole bean coffee
Your favorite mug!
Equipment Recommendations.
Coffee nerds all love their tech and toys!
The list below is for a quality home set up that is both expandable and versatile.

Grinder - Baratza Virtuoso
Kettle - Bonavita 1.0L
Scale - Jennings CJ-4000

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